Friday, June 24, 2011

High Tea

I do have a life outside of work, cycling and the garden, really! On Sunday I attended a 'High Tea on the High Seas' to support the local Zonta Club, and it was about the girliest thing I have done for years. There was fashion:
But of course I am a "theme dresser" so the high seas gave me license to be a Pirate, because I love being a Pirate.

Couldn't resist a bloom from the hibiscus on the way out the door.
I like this picture because not only did I win a prize for the best outfit, but it reminds me that I am turning into an old woman, and that means I am winning! I love the slightly mad hair (but it is always like that)
I have had an poor week for riding. I ride everyday but I have retreated into survival mode. I am struggling with the low temperatures and I am really tired of snot, tears and a sore chapped face. Ah well, I'll do the coffee run tomorrow and Sunday we race! I am a bit nervous because I am racing a road I have never seen in Charters Towers, and the rain man doesn't like surprises. I have scrutinized the maps and photos, so I guess I'll be OK.

Arrr it's been a good week!


The Old Bag said...

You go girl -- you'll be awesome!

Groover said...

Did ya have 5.8 C mornings, too? They say Brisbane has a chance of a dusting of snow this winter! :0

Dee said...

It has only been down to 10 degrees, but after 16 years in the tropics that just kills me. Usually 'winter' lasts for a week or two, this year it seems to have settled in for the long haul.

Old Bag, it is great fun being an Old Bag, as you well know.

Once Known as The Badger said...

You look great in that hat! And as for being an "old bag", you have some distance to go! (No offense to the-one-who-calls-herself- the old bag!)

The Old Bag said...

Dee -- I love the "slightly mad hair" comment in your post. Mine is going that direction too. I met a woman a couple weeks ago who blogs by "Monster Gramma" -- the name came from a damp camping trip. Her long grey/black hair was frizzing out, and she was on her way to the restrooms when a group of kids saw her and screamed "AAAGGG MONSTER GRAMMA!" and ran away. What a hoot!

Dee said...

Thanks OB, I snorted hot tea when this arrived in my mailbox. When I was in my mid 30s I was a lunch lady at my son's school. My hair was already white in the front, and one day a student asked me is I was my son's grandmother. *sigh* Now I am older I don't worry if people stop at the hair, but it was confronting then. Go you monster Gramma!