Monday, June 13, 2011

out of the big ring

News from my yard which is bigger than cycling!! We have another wompoo pigeon!! One is making wonderful low conversation, but we are yet to hear that iconic 'Wallack a Woo!' of the rain forest. When one started to hang out in the yard I was thrilled and sad, I wondered if this cyclone swept and lost rainforest bird would survive. Now I am hoping we have a pair that will stay and thrive. They are keeping our palms cleared of ripe fruit and look pretty sleek and healthy.

I was literally out of the big ring most of last week, because I pulled a muscle coming down a steep path on Castle hill called the goat track. I love that when I mentioned this on facebook I immediately got pictures of goats in the commercial area on the right hand side. Cheered me up.
somewhere up there I did myself damage

My recovery by the end of the week coincided with a spell of weather that was not very encouraging. I went to work Friday in normal kit and a wind vest, only to find that by 11 am when I had to ride across campus for a BUG photo op, the temperature had fallen dramatically and it was raining. I got home at the end of the day frozen (OK it was probably 14 0r 15) and already convinced I wasn't doing the Saturday 5:30 am coffee ride because the forecast was nasty. So as always happens when you make your mind up before bed time, even though it didn't rain I still stayed snug in bed, because it was what I had decided to do.

The day was cold, grey and windy and I started to lose hope for a weekend ride at all. Then mid-day Sunday we got normal winter back and the sun came out, the sky was blue and BoaB and I did a windy but wonderful ride out to the dam. Sun on our shoulders at last, I thought my heart would burst with joy.

I thought we would do a big ride today because it is still so nice, but we wandered into the back yard looking for the sun in the morning, and then got stuck into the gardening which ate up the whole day. There are a few big days left til we get things up to scratch. The big wet season just made everything go feral, so there is lots to be dug out, shared around, divided and relocated. I want to expand the tumeric empire, and find a place to let pumpkins roam. So much to do but the pleasure of working in the full sun without overheating is just amazing. Almost as good as cycling, with more culinary results! I guess the two are linked.

Congrats to my brother in law and nephew on Ottawa marathon results
Ya don't look happy here Chris, but then why would you?
On ya Wesley!! Looking great guys.

Cold tomorrow (10 degrees) but I have to ride. Thank heaven for commuting, no avoiding it! I have the fleecy things ready to go and I am actually looking forward to a nice long ride before work. It will be a misery of tears and mucus, cold mornings really knock me around, but as long as it is bright and sunny, I will be happy!!

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