Wednesday, July 27, 2011

more of the sameish

Busy people get bored easily, so I am working in the garden a lot because there is always lots to do. Some people find weeding a chore, I find it a balm for my soul. Now for photos:

for Scott, who has forgotten where the gooseberries are. These are now berry free.

Next week we can start on the blueberries

When I retire I want a giant, weed free vegetable garden too.
My parents grow a lot of their own food and I think it has contributed to their longevity. I should have tried peas again this (colder than average) winter in Townsville. doh.
Scarlet runner beans, my favorite! As good to eat as they are beautiful.

big broccoli for first picking
lots of fresh peas
there will be no shortage of cukes this year
summer squashes will be ready by the weekend
we need to eat more lettuce NOW
garden fresh produce as hodge-podge, with smoked haddock. I must get some local wine next time. Simply delicious, but simple food always is. What to cook tonight??

I have booked a bike to go ride the 50 k loop with the Bluenoser. Can't wait!

westward ho!

There was a garden event at Bunchberry Nurseries in the western Valley, so I suprised my sister in law with an impromptu visit, since she lives just up the road.
When serious gardeners get together it is all hands on hips. My Sister in law is a superb natural gardener. I think there was a bit of plant envy going on!
Rural Nova Scotia architecture. So homey.

Myra, like any gardener, just sees the bits that need work. But there were also 3 or 4 lillies with the first bloom, and she was very excited to see them.
After all the garden touring we were late home, so I treated my Dad to fish, clams and chips. I don't eat much fried food, but this was worth dying for. Note the mega side salad on the left.

Another busy day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

gardening fanatics

Being home reignites gardening madness in me, because everyone in my family is gardening mad. Why mow lawn when you can have this?
And who can resist buying plants when you go to the local farmers market and see this...

and these
cheap and large, healthy bedding plants. I can't buy stuff like this at any price, any place near my home, or I would!
I really must try lillies again. This would have been a good year in hindsight...
Then of course there is the local food:
I bought wax beans for supper, they were supurb.
needless to say I ate a sausage with sauerkraut, as you do.
OMG look at those prices and selection, I got smoked haddock. It smelled devine and will be dinner tomorrow.

I am charging my phone to get the next lot of photos transferred. There will be gardens and food!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

summer in the maritimes

Looks like a great time to visit the old country. Summer waited for me they tell me. Well it is sure nice now that I am here.
What's for lunch? My favorite!
Lobster sandwich and chowder from Stirling's in Grand Pre.

What to eat next? I wish I was a bigger eater! I'll have to come back again later...
Puttering around with my family and not doing much. We are gardening a lot, with the occasional break to visit a garden.
I have started a running program you can look at here. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much. Who knew. I am only a few days in and today was supposed to be a rest day, but I walked to town and back, which is 5kms of hill work, so not so restful. And why am I running? to counter this:
I am a Tim Horton's junkie, I admit it. And it is all so cheap! I should probably get a loyalty card of some sort.

My sister had to work today, so I was able to settle in with a pot of coffee and watch the Alpe d'Huez stage this morning. It is such a treat to not be nodding off because the cycling is on in the middle of the night. 9am is such a civilized hour! What a fantastic stage, but I got the jitters so bad watching Cadel have a mechanical I had to leap up and vacuum the house.

I am dying to go for a ride. I went to the bike shop and they had a road bike in my size. hmmmm...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

meh-tastic V8 weekend

The V8s are roaring and popping. Thousands of rev-heads are doing similar. Helicopters circle overhead. Military jets roar over the track. Talk about your Roman circus. So what do you do on an afternoon when excitement is so high? You sit on an upturned bucket for and hour or more and brush all the dirt off the turmeric harvest, sort out the growing stock into a big bucket (not shown) and package up the best and nicest to share.
The packages are about 400 grams each, and the bucket is maybe 3 kilos. I need to look at turmeric recipes, my repertoire is pretty limited in the face of such abundance! There will be no white rice eaten here for some time I suspect, it will be vivid and earthy and oh so good for you.

I took a rest day today, a guilty pleasure. I can't believe you are not supposed to ride yer guts out every day, 7/365, but rumor has it that a rest sometimes is a good thing. I know that my porcelain and stainless steel have benefited from the energy redirected into cleaning. However, the floor is not pristine (horrors!!) because I have a new Android phone. Man you can spend a LOT of time reading help files, setting up connections, reading about and installing apps and etc., etc., etc. I have turned into a great quivering mass of geeky goo, but I will have a new sports tracking app. to tell me how much I suck tomorrow!! whoot!

We are enjoying the Tour very much, although the recorder failed last night so I missed out on seeing 4 hours of the most interesting stage so far. Highlights just don't cut it. I have re-shuffled the deck on my fantasy team (SBS) and am looking forward to the long haul. Go Cadel! Please let the hard drive work tonight, I just cannot stay awake til 2 am!!

Additional: I just watched the end of the race on TV. Funny to see the overhead shots and hear the actual choppers at the same time. I guess I am cheezed off because last year we got a crit on the full track, along with a charity run and community bike ride. This year - zippo. Not happy!! I would have loved a race on my bike on the full track. It is WAY more exciting than doing it in a friggin' car! OOooh it is so cool how you can press that pedal with your toe whilst steering at the same time! Swoon!

Was gratifying to see the big boys slowing to 25 on the same corners that slow me to about the same speed. Now if I can just make 100+ on the straights...

Monday, July 4, 2011

special rides

Last weeks race in Charter's Towers made me realise that we are not getting away to ride much, and since winter is a special time of year when you can actually ride in the middle of the day when you want to, you really must. So since it was the last long weekend for a long time (we get a 'show day' so you can go to your local exhibition, but ours is awful) I looked up while gardening and said "lets go for a special ride, someplace we don't normally go". Boab, being the perfect partner that he is, said "all right, lets drive to Woodstock and go behind Mt Elliot to Giru and back." So that is what we did.
Our Volkswagen van is perfect for a quick getaway with two bikes, thanks to Scott's clever modifications.

Turn right to go behind the mountain, then come back. 60 kms round trip. Pretty good headwind on the way out means a cruisey return, which is perfect!
The road surface was challenging for much of the ride, and whenever we hit smooth hotmix it was like heaven! We have to travel a fair way for a nice country road, and this was lovely. The cars were very polite and very few. They probably thought we were nuts.
We finished short of the mark due to roadworks ahead, but we made the transition from dry bush to rich sugarcane, so it felt suitably epic. I was pretty worried at this point about getting up a hill that saw me doing over 50kms/hr on the descent, but to my surprise, I made it OK!
What a fantastic day. 25C and clear blue skies, and now we have a tail wind! And I brought jelly beans!
What a pretty place, I would love to hike up into that rainforest sometime.

So this was the perfect way to spend a day off work. Stay up too late watching the Tour, sleep in, eat, garden, eat again, drive out to a nice cycle, come home, cook, eat, glass of wine. *sigh* why do people leave home? Home usually provides the perfect holiday.