Tuesday, July 26, 2011

gardening fanatics

Being home reignites gardening madness in me, because everyone in my family is gardening mad. Why mow lawn when you can have this?
And who can resist buying plants when you go to the local farmers market and see this...

and these
cheap and large, healthy bedding plants. I can't buy stuff like this at any price, any place near my home, or I would!
I really must try lillies again. This would have been a good year in hindsight...
Then of course there is the local food:
I bought wax beans for supper, they were supurb.
needless to say I ate a sausage with sauerkraut, as you do.
OMG look at those prices and selection, I got smoked haddock. It smelled devine and will be dinner tomorrow.

I am charging my phone to get the next lot of photos transferred. There will be gardens and food!

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