Sunday, July 10, 2011

meh-tastic V8 weekend

The V8s are roaring and popping. Thousands of rev-heads are doing similar. Helicopters circle overhead. Military jets roar over the track. Talk about your Roman circus. So what do you do on an afternoon when excitement is so high? You sit on an upturned bucket for and hour or more and brush all the dirt off the turmeric harvest, sort out the growing stock into a big bucket (not shown) and package up the best and nicest to share.
The packages are about 400 grams each, and the bucket is maybe 3 kilos. I need to look at turmeric recipes, my repertoire is pretty limited in the face of such abundance! There will be no white rice eaten here for some time I suspect, it will be vivid and earthy and oh so good for you.

I took a rest day today, a guilty pleasure. I can't believe you are not supposed to ride yer guts out every day, 7/365, but rumor has it that a rest sometimes is a good thing. I know that my porcelain and stainless steel have benefited from the energy redirected into cleaning. However, the floor is not pristine (horrors!!) because I have a new Android phone. Man you can spend a LOT of time reading help files, setting up connections, reading about and installing apps and etc., etc., etc. I have turned into a great quivering mass of geeky goo, but I will have a new sports tracking app. to tell me how much I suck tomorrow!! whoot!

We are enjoying the Tour very much, although the recorder failed last night so I missed out on seeing 4 hours of the most interesting stage so far. Highlights just don't cut it. I have re-shuffled the deck on my fantasy team (SBS) and am looking forward to the long haul. Go Cadel! Please let the hard drive work tonight, I just cannot stay awake til 2 am!!

Additional: I just watched the end of the race on TV. Funny to see the overhead shots and hear the actual choppers at the same time. I guess I am cheezed off because last year we got a crit on the full track, along with a charity run and community bike ride. This year - zippo. Not happy!! I would have loved a race on my bike on the full track. It is WAY more exciting than doing it in a friggin' car! OOooh it is so cool how you can press that pedal with your toe whilst steering at the same time! Swoon!

Was gratifying to see the big boys slowing to 25 on the same corners that slow me to about the same speed. Now if I can just make 100+ on the straights...

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The Old Bag said...

There's nothing like a recovery day to get things done around the house!