Wednesday, July 27, 2011

more of the sameish

Busy people get bored easily, so I am working in the garden a lot because there is always lots to do. Some people find weeding a chore, I find it a balm for my soul. Now for photos:

for Scott, who has forgotten where the gooseberries are. These are now berry free.

Next week we can start on the blueberries

When I retire I want a giant, weed free vegetable garden too.
My parents grow a lot of their own food and I think it has contributed to their longevity. I should have tried peas again this (colder than average) winter in Townsville. doh.
Scarlet runner beans, my favorite! As good to eat as they are beautiful.

big broccoli for first picking
lots of fresh peas
there will be no shortage of cukes this year
summer squashes will be ready by the weekend
we need to eat more lettuce NOW
garden fresh produce as hodge-podge, with smoked haddock. I must get some local wine next time. Simply delicious, but simple food always is. What to cook tonight??

I have booked a bike to go ride the 50 k loop with the Bluenoser. Can't wait!

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Groover said...

Enjoy the 50K Loop! Don't forget to take photos! :-)