Monday, July 4, 2011

special rides

Last weeks race in Charter's Towers made me realise that we are not getting away to ride much, and since winter is a special time of year when you can actually ride in the middle of the day when you want to, you really must. So since it was the last long weekend for a long time (we get a 'show day' so you can go to your local exhibition, but ours is awful) I looked up while gardening and said "lets go for a special ride, someplace we don't normally go". Boab, being the perfect partner that he is, said "all right, lets drive to Woodstock and go behind Mt Elliot to Giru and back." So that is what we did.
Our Volkswagen van is perfect for a quick getaway with two bikes, thanks to Scott's clever modifications.

Turn right to go behind the mountain, then come back. 60 kms round trip. Pretty good headwind on the way out means a cruisey return, which is perfect!
The road surface was challenging for much of the ride, and whenever we hit smooth hotmix it was like heaven! We have to travel a fair way for a nice country road, and this was lovely. The cars were very polite and very few. They probably thought we were nuts.
We finished short of the mark due to roadworks ahead, but we made the transition from dry bush to rich sugarcane, so it felt suitably epic. I was pretty worried at this point about getting up a hill that saw me doing over 50kms/hr on the descent, but to my surprise, I made it OK!
What a fantastic day. 25C and clear blue skies, and now we have a tail wind! And I brought jelly beans!
What a pretty place, I would love to hike up into that rainforest sometime.

So this was the perfect way to spend a day off work. Stay up too late watching the Tour, sleep in, eat, garden, eat again, drive out to a nice cycle, come home, cook, eat, glass of wine. *sigh* why do people leave home? Home usually provides the perfect holiday.


BoaB said...

And I would do it all again tomorrow- if only tomorrow was another holiday.....

Groover said...

Every day should be a holiday! You made good use of yours. Now let me make plans for Brisbane's Ekka Show Day, which is still to come in August...