Tuesday, August 9, 2011

50K Loop!

I managed to catch a fair day for a turn around the 50 km loop with the Bluenoser. I was too busy hanging on for dear life as I rode a 50cm bike (2 cms bigger than my bike) to take pictures and while I managed OK, I was sore in a lot of places after 50 ks. Note to self, don't settle for a bike the wrong size, it really does matter.
My native guide. 2 years ago we did this ride on a perfect sunny day and saw no other cyclists. This time it was an iffy sort of a day (foggy, poor forecast) and there must have been 50 other riders. Fantastic to see.

Pit stop at the church, I seem to have really missed this shot.
I was there, proof positive
my Sister was on the loop while I was riding. She visited a nice gallery/garden and took fantastic photos, which are linked below
Yet another bowl of chowder. I don't think you can get sick of chowder but I am trying my best. The restaurant is Doris's, who we stopped to harass because she doesn't love cyclists. I figure if we all stop in and spend up she might come around.

If you are wondering why you would travel all the way to Nova Scotia for a bike ride, have a look at the photo album of my sister's shots. It is very lovely, the drivers are respectful and the food is good. Please come.

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BoaB said...

Glad you got out for a ride on The Loop. Nice pics and the chowder looks pretty good.