Wednesday, August 3, 2011

after the road trip

We had a family funeral to attend on Monday, which was sad but a lovely and gentle gathering of cousins and aunts and children and... well it was very nice and a proper celebration of a gentle life well lived. So I didn't get to the 50k Loop after all, maybe later.

We cruised the old neighbourhoods and saw my grandparents old house for sale

It has been carved up but could be saved! Would make an excellent B&B I suppose, but it was just a big elegant home in its hey day.

And today we had chores to do. It kept thundering and raining so I didn't run (whimp!) and we bagged up "stuff" that needs to go for a renovation and put it in donation boxes. Then we took a back road and found this little fellow
who could not be shooed off the road because there were crushed cookies there!
So we threw a blanket over him and took him somewhere less exciting and safer.
We continued on the back ways, looking at farm sites and arrived at Sterling's at noon. A sign from God to heed the signs:

best. blueberry pie. ever. Carol had cherry/raspberry.

Then into Wolfville for a look around. I hadn't been to the Irving Centre yet, and wanted to check out the native gardens.

blueberry border:
very formal look with 2 types of blueberry and huckleberry (I think).
this bog garden was my favorite. Gardens aside, the building is famous for the elegant meeting place it offers students and staff:

Come on JCU, lift your game... ; )

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Groover said...

Cookie crumble were to this little fella what the blueberry pie was to you. Nothing in the world would have shoo'ed me away from those pies... LOL