Sunday, August 14, 2011

blue skies and racing

After an epic journey of 37.5 hours I arrived to find the dry season had made it's mark on the land and brown is back in fashion. The view from the plane was so soft and lovely, hills and plains of beige blending into khaki and fluffy pockets of green, as tired as I was I could fly over the land for hours enjoying the beauty.

No time for that stuff however, the Gold Fever le Tour was on and I was late! So early to bed and very early to rise and drive out to Charters Towers for the start of the race.
Cold and a heavy ground mist.
D grade was the biggest grade with 23 racers on the start list. D grade was Masters D, Womens D and C. BoaB was easy to spot in Canadian kit.
I am driving in support of my favorite rider, and I am nervous as heck because my brain is still on the other side of the road! At the start of the race I figure my heart rate was higher than the riders as I white knuckled through the fog and left side navigation at full speed. I would have been better off riding!!
Waiting at the second drinks station, BoaB waved me off at the first, and we had an epic fail at the handover with the bottle hitting the ground and smashing at the second and last. DOH! we need to practice I guess.
Pass all the riders and sit in stressful truck traffic to line up at the finish line. Look at those blue skies! Fell the warm sun on your back! I love the dry tropics (with apologies to the wet Maritimes)
What is going on? The riders turn to do a lap on the Oak Valley circuit at the end of the race and we can't tell who is who!
Where is Scott? here? no...
here? not quite...
Yay!! Here he comes!! Safe and sound is all that matters to me.
What?? In the money? BONUS!! well done! (that is my hat by the way, no bloke would buy that hat) I am home, and happy, and I hit the wall at about 1 pm but tomorrow will be a sunny day and I will go for a ride!! I love my home and my cycling life!

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