Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dam Tough Duathlon 2

OMG I am so happy to be back in the land of sunny days! Blue on blue for the duathlon at the dam. Note the artistic inclusion of a finger over the lens. It was so bright I was shooting blind, with predictable results.

I did an ordinary ride at a poor speed (average 27.4 km/h), but considering I was very ill the previous evening and unable to eat much the following morning, plus my legs are toast with jet lag, I am pretty happy with that result.
I just did the ride (20kms) with a running partner (5 kms plus 2.5) but I had friends who did the whole thing. Here comes Graeme, who passed me on the final lap. But right behind him is Kiran, my gun runner who made up the time and powered in for an excellent result!
Love the "feet not touching the ground" photo!! Super!
So mighty Kiran finished with Macca and Graeme making up minutes of deficit on my part. What a star! Can't wait til the next time we race together again, she really inspires me.

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