Sunday, September 18, 2011

keeping busy

If your heart is aching you must not mope around the house, you must get amongst it and celebrate life. Luckily this was scheduled to be a big weekend. I wasn't supposed to race the Crit on Saturday, but there was a novice class I could jump on to in order to practice the hot dog course on the strand, so I gave it a go. I let all the keeners who were actually racing take off, and the I did my own thing as a training run. Good fun, but badly done. I have a hard time eating when I am grieving, so I did this 11:30 ish race after a roll out at 7 am on a 500 ml bidon of endura and a 300 ml box of up and go. OK, I am an idiot, and my body suffered.
Good race, badly photographed. If there is one thing you can note about life in the tropics, it is that the sun is very harsh and the shadows are very dark. If you are cowering in the shadows, you cannot photograph the sun. Lesson learned.

Go BoaB in the tribal Nova Scotian kit. Makes you want to strangle a cod and swill some rum.
That was Saturday, and I was saving myself for Sunday, the corporate triathlon where I was the cyclist on a keen women's corporate team. High expectations!!
I am grateful for the running I have been doing, the transition was better than last year. Scott clocked me at 28 minutes cycling. I am desperate for a sub 30 time, was the run fast enough? I have to wait and see the final results. So at the end it was all good with a coffee enjoyed with my boys. Sorry Patrick, you are outed. I love that he takes it for granted that we cycled home after, and that he can walk everywhere in the city he wants to go.
This Blog is about cycling, and I have embraced the challenge of sports cycling, but really, I am keen on bikes, and everybody cycling all the time. Go ride.


Carol said...

For Heaven’s sakes – what a night. I’ve had to resort to writing you in Word and cutting and pasting it into here. Ludicrous! And after such a day! I rushed into the house from the car at 5:00 to catch the news announcement for which shipyard was about to be blessed with a $38B contract to build new naval vessels for the country. They announced Halifax shipyards – I felt like we’d won the lottery! Dancing around the kitchen – Rudy barking.. the cats ran for shelter! I was just so excited. 30+ years of work for 4000 people. I mean – that’s really something! The very next story brought me right back to my senses – Margolians is closing! It was such a shocker it was on the CBC news...
Other than the occasional bear on campus exciting the dog walkers on the trail and a couple of herdsman at the college farm, all is normal.
This is the part where I could say that you shouldn’t be pushing the cycling to such an extent, but in all honesty, wouldn’t you think you’d get a message from the old brain first? Like... I feel like chillin’ out today? Seems a bit unfair for the whole system to just quietly collapse rather than sputtering a little first! I’m planning to exert myself at a meditation workshop in a couple of week’s time. If they can teach me to turn off my head for just 5 minutes, I’ll be grateful!
I was really thrilled to see the picture of the coffee boys – Patrick looks just like a young Cary... really!! XXOO to all of you, Carol

Dee said...

To say that I am thrilled by the shipping news is an understatement. I still can't believe Margolians is closing, I spent a fair bit while I was there!!