Sunday, September 4, 2011

We are here

We were exactly right here this morning, except the google marker was gone! It is Strand Ephemera once again, my favorite art exhibition. Saturday morning during coffee I was admiring the Google marker across the street and thinking about blogging the exhibition. Today was Fathers Day and a great chance to walk the Strand and take it all in, but Oh LA it was windy and the marker was gone. : ( Interesting to speculate where it is now! Here is a photo pinched from the ABC website:

It was a stunning morning, if insanely windy, and the less floaty exhibits all survived to be admired and photographed. I adore sand raking:
Loved the glass, life sized turtle hatchlings.
I collected bottle caps at work for ages to support this artwork. When I was done I took away the signs and containers, and someone put up replacements! Seems people love to save and recycle, so I must contact the artist and see if she wants the bags of lids in my office.
Look Out says this bicycle installation. Kids loved it.
It was incredibly sunny and bright, so I couldn't see what I was photographing. This is a terrible shot but what do you want for free.
Copper flying fish. My favorite!
After the Strand we visited my Vet and his lovely wife, who were putting on a concert of original music for family and friends. It was intensely personal and beautiful. I didn't take a photo. My vet made me cry with a song about an old dog. It was lovely.

Then we visited a friend in hospital, who feels fine but suffered a few blackouts, and is trapped like a rat in EMU. He figures it is like a long haul flight to nowhere. Tomorrow is brain scan day and we are hoping they find nothing but a brain!! I cut a bunch of flowers from the yard to cheer him up, and we all giggled and carried on like teenagers. Then it was a visit to a friend with orchids to give away:
These flowers have been in the family for 3 generations, and I am privileged to have some in my yard now and carry on the tradition. That is pretty special I think. Even more so because my Mother has the same plants in her greenhouse, but I had none of this variety until now. I may be moved to put an azalea in a pot too. How nice is this!

So how is the cycling going, since that is why this blog exists. Well, I am down on KMs a bit because I have started a personal training program. I like to volunteer to be a client for a Sports medicine student who needs to do a practical of 20 hours . My student this year is a peach. I'll have to get a photo up so you can all go "awww" he is really cute, his Mom must adore him. So my days are pretty full. The mens washroom symbols are gym sessions. Friday we did a fitness walk (the hiking symbol). Thursday night I thought I was no going to make it, but compression tights are a miracle and I fronted up Friday feeling pretty good.

cycling red, gym sessions pink and fitness walking purple.
This week I have 5 days of training. I am hoping to get the usual kms in if my body is able. It is a lot to add to an obsession which is an imperative. I think my trainer is starting to understand what cycling means to me. I hope I am going to be able to be 'normal' with the morning rides at least. Two weeks til the Corporate Tri and I am obsessing about a sub 30 minutes for 16 kms.

Plus, Magpie season will be here any minute.

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Carol said...

Adella - Mom has that same orchid in her conservatory! So go figure - you both have it now...