Saturday, October 22, 2011

spring things

Well there has been very little cycling in paradise, and that is a shame. I am officially finished my 20 hours of gym training, and while I am trim and strong, I have lost a ton of endurance. There is no substitute for time on the bike. I will start to ease in some longer rides this week, with the hope of building up to my former norm of 250kms a week by mid November.

I volunteer most years to be a client to a Sport and Exercise Science 3rd year student, and I take the task very seriously. That is why I had to step off the bike. I couldn't give up the gym because the student can't get a good result without me. Anyway, I really enjoy it, and this was the best student ever. He caused me pain, and nurtured my inner mongrel, and made me stronger.

I haven't a clue how long it takes to recover from over training, but I am sufficiently bored and frustrated to be over it. If I need a nap, I'll take a nap. Training is normal for me and I need to train. I want my life back, even if I end up sleeping through a fair bit of it.

The weather has been hot, then cool, dry and then unexpectedly wet. Spring is heading into summer on a twisty path. Summer is coming though, and the first taste of summer, local mango, is just around the corner. A few years ago we cut down the big mango in our yard because it took up a ton of space, produced very little fruit, and we had this in the parkland at the end of our street:

Mango is a common shade tree around the city, and I hope they are always there because they form an important part of "the commons". The fruit is there for the taking.
Just starting to blush, but green and hard so it isn't too damaged by the fall to the ground. Actually, Scott is such a good picker that he caught all but one as it fell.
We are not greedy, six is a good feed, and they will all be ready at once. Can't wait to make a mango salad, and just enjoy the ripe fruit as a decadent nosh eaten over the sink, juice dripping everywhere.
The financial world is going to hell in a handbasket they tell us, but at least I have food from my yard and my parks. All this for free. Makes me feel a bit safer.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ride to Work Day fame

Here is a better link to the news item with me rabbiting on about Ride to Work day again this year... it is on my own BUG site now

Sunday, October 9, 2011

paying the price

I have been very neglectful of the blog, sorry! I guess I should start with old news. The Corporate Tri was great fun and I achieved my goal of a sub 30 minute 16kms, so I am very happy!!!
Feeling chuffed, and thanks to my awesome team members. We totally rock!
I have been training with a student at JCU and I totally credit him with getting me up to strength after the trip overseas. Thanks very much Jason! After the tri we continued to train, and I continued to ride, and then I just crashed and burned. I often have a physical fall after a big deadline, but this was a hard fall indeed. I got on my bike to go to work, got about a km and realised that I was very ill indeed, so I turned back, wobbled home and slept til noon. I was planning a trip to Cairns to catch up with family, and figured we may as well go, since Scott drives and I sleep anyway.

Cyclone Yasi seems a long time ago, so in my fragile state it came as a bit of a shock to encounter the raw damage to the north of us. My yard is fine now, but not everyone is as lucky.

Road works in Cardwell, and the shock of seeing the sea where once there was a thick buffer of rainforest/beach vegetation.
OMG no wonder the Wompoo pigeon is still hanging around our yard. Rainforest isn't supposed to look like this. It should be a carpet of green, no trunks visible at all. I was gutted by the extent of the destruction.

We got to Cairns eventually (I hate driving) and I had a long weekend of recovery, lying around, cuddling small dogs and eating very well. I got a couple of rides in
To my families amusement I am happy to go nowhere for some time.
The orchids were blooming, the country was dry, and spring had sprung.
What a lovely break. Then it was back home, back on the bike and into the gym. I was trying hard to go softly, but a Doctors appointment confirmed all our suspicions, I am suffering from over-training, and I need to back off and recover. Everybody should be so lucky, to be sick from burning ambition. I have another training week, which I can't give up because my student trainer needs the hours for his assessment. I'll have to give up some long rides, which will wound my soul but help my body. I finally read Friel's "Cycling Past 50" this weekend, and every thing he warns against, I have done. All that should be avoided, I have embraced. Doh.

I feel like I am denied the chance to make hay while the sun shines, but I have to be good. At least summer bit today, and it is suddenly hot. I hope the languid season will slow me down a bit, but not too much!!

Other than the over training thing I am in very good nick. Cholesterol is fantastic, blood pressure good, various other health indicators top drawer. I have never had an imperative to be lazy before, wonder if I can pull it off?