Tuesday, November 22, 2011

cat. six racer

I lost a category six race today. That is a race that eventuates while you are commuting, oblivious to the intentions of your foe. I was limping home from one of those days at work that combine ill health with high workload, and I was just wanting to get there. I passed a kid on a BMX who was doing the usual cool three strokes and glide combo, and I guess it was all too much for him as a minute or so later he was passing me, with the biggest cheeky grin you ever saw.

I congratulated him heartily on his triumph of youth and fitness over age and expenditure. We both had a good laugh. I really must get some cards made up to hand out to the rare keener who takes me on, inviting them to a free round at the velodrome. This kid could be a contender!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

camping weekend

Well there is a life beyond cycling, and we camped this weekend with no bikes. we just didn't know if there was cycling in the park area and decided to hike instead.

We also didn't know if it was viable to try and sleep in the camper, since the sites were 'walk in' so we took the tent. We could have gotten the van close enough, but this was very nice. Our first use of the new tarp technology, photo taken between rain showers.
It rained hard in the night but we stayed totally dry, and as a bonus the tent stayed cool all day in the shade. We ate too much, hiked to some lovely spots...
We were not able to do the big hike of the weekend, down to the base of the falls and back, because it is still cyclone damaged and closed. I want to go back and do it when it reopens (assuming that it can be repaired). The cyclone damage was pretty epic in places.
So we hiked where the trails were open, and had a lot of fun and relaxation. My friend Leone was unable to resist a rainforest pool.
Nothing like the sound of running water, and knowing that surely there are no crocs up here, surely...
The eucalyptus were shedding their bark

and we came home to find that it seemed to be 'bark shedding weekend' everywhere
For those lucky enough to be occasional visitors to the Casa Edwards, look what has replaced the old box airconditioner in the guest room! An actual window that lets the breeze in! Looks great on the inside too.

We had a nice time, and of course saw lots of opportunities to ride the mountain bikes if only we had taken them and some better maps were available. Well I can get the maps sorted, and we are all keen to get back and ride a section of the 'Wet Tropics Great Walk' which is actually looking like being mostly old logging roads in very good nick and totally free of motorised traffic. Heaven!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

past and present

As I was cycling this morning there was a stretch of road where tiny styrofoam beads had escaped from a load (or a stuffed toy I suppose). They blew up into my face and swirled and eddied around my wheels. It looked just like the sort of snow you get when it is real cold and dry, the land so frozen that snow can't stick so is free to drift and travel. How odd to have the memory of cold while the heat rises from the bitumen, the sun scalds my legs. I felt caught in a moment where the past and present met, a wrinkle in time.

30 years ago today was a frozen day, with blowing dry snow. It was a happy day, my wedding day. Today is my 30th wedding anniversary. Such a big number in such a short time!
We have been lucky, and the passage of time hasn't treated us too badly, although I never figured Scott would overtake me in the silver stakes. I knew he wouldn't lose his hair though!

So I am probably as fit as I was then, maybe fitter, which is kind of odd. Wish we'd ridden bikes back then, but our world was different and we did other things. We hiked and camped and looked at birds. We will do some of that this weekend, because not much has changed really, except we will take the mountain bikes, because you have to ride.

Happy Anniversary Scott!! 30 more years, easy.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday music

Lots of bloggers put up music on Friday. I guess we are all kicking back and having a wine and planning the weekends rides. Dangerous, because you plan big things after a glass or two of red. Anyway, a favorite blogger put up a song, and it was so lovely I was moved to wonder what my favorite song was, what I would share as something very special.

It is a bit daunting to open up a window to your soul, as music appreciation will do. This is from a movie. I am not a movie buff, but I adored this one and have seen in maybe 4 times since 1982.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

thanks for the flowers

Last evening we were out misbehaving at a pirate themed birthday party. Who knew we would get to a point in life where dear friends were turning 65 (!), we were still dressing up as pirates and still drinking too much champagne. I am not turfing my pirate hats any time soon. Indeed, I may have a crafty afternoon where I help all my friends make one too, as it isn't hard and you need one more often than you would think.

When the taxi brought us home (we are sensible grown ups, after all) we went to unlock the gate and found a bunch of cellophane wrapped fresh flowers wedged in the gate.

Dear GOD! I think to myself, did I double book? Invite someone over and totally forget? This is sadly not impossible, but I swear I have no recollection of any promised meals to students (a great weakness of mine).

I have checked my phone, facebook, email accounts... nothing, no messages or accusations. I guess I have a secret admirer. Well, thanks for the flowers, they are lovely and I am very grateful!

Cycling... I am finished with gym and ramping the kms up to normal. 221.97 kms this week, early meetings kept me in check. I am feeling strong, and finding that magic place where suffering is a pleasure. I lost 4cms off my waist, gained a kilo (lets hope that was muscle) and learned a lot about my body and how to push it.

Now I am ready, and I'm going to ride.