Tuesday, November 22, 2011

cat. six racer

I lost a category six race today. That is a race that eventuates while you are commuting, oblivious to the intentions of your foe. I was limping home from one of those days at work that combine ill health with high workload, and I was just wanting to get there. I passed a kid on a BMX who was doing the usual cool three strokes and glide combo, and I guess it was all too much for him as a minute or so later he was passing me, with the biggest cheeky grin you ever saw.

I congratulated him heartily on his triumph of youth and fitness over age and expenditure. We both had a good laugh. I really must get some cards made up to hand out to the rare keener who takes me on, inviting them to a free round at the velodrome. This kid could be a contender!

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