Monday, November 14, 2011

past and present

As I was cycling this morning there was a stretch of road where tiny styrofoam beads had escaped from a load (or a stuffed toy I suppose). They blew up into my face and swirled and eddied around my wheels. It looked just like the sort of snow you get when it is real cold and dry, the land so frozen that snow can't stick so is free to drift and travel. How odd to have the memory of cold while the heat rises from the bitumen, the sun scalds my legs. I felt caught in a moment where the past and present met, a wrinkle in time.

30 years ago today was a frozen day, with blowing dry snow. It was a happy day, my wedding day. Today is my 30th wedding anniversary. Such a big number in such a short time!
We have been lucky, and the passage of time hasn't treated us too badly, although I never figured Scott would overtake me in the silver stakes. I knew he wouldn't lose his hair though!

So I am probably as fit as I was then, maybe fitter, which is kind of odd. Wish we'd ridden bikes back then, but our world was different and we did other things. We hiked and camped and looked at birds. We will do some of that this weekend, because not much has changed really, except we will take the mountain bikes, because you have to ride.

Happy Anniversary Scott!! 30 more years, easy.


Theresa said...

Happy anniversary to both of you! 30 years is a major accomplishment.

BoaB said...

30 more like 30 before, I'm in it. Thank you for sharing the journey that has been our lives. We have many more chapters to write.

MapManOz said...

I offer this song to my friends from the Maritimes on the special occasion of their 30th wedding anniversary.

Groover said...

And all the best for the future! Happy anniversary!

Tim Joe said...

Yes, Happy Anniversary, Dee! Just dropped by to see what was happening.

That was a very nice post. TJ