Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year!

Well here I sit, wine in hand, and another year has gone. I am fairly hurtling towards old age, but at least I am doing it with good health and lots of fun. I had a 'poor year' from a kilometre accumulation point of view, but I did some gym and added some running and I am happy. I also raced a bit, and had some challenging experiences. I am most proud of my hilly, hard and didn't come last Charters Towers race. It wasn't much, but it made me pleased that I have a go and do my best.

So Happy 2012 everyone. There are fireworks exploding out of sight beyond Castle Hill right now, so it seems a good time to wish you all continued good health, much happiness, safe riding and respect on the roads.

Ride and have fun. Everything else will take care of itself pretty much.

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AMR said...

Cheers and to an exciting and safe 2012!