Sunday, December 18, 2011

in the mood

Even after all these years in the tropics, I suffer a certain disconnection with Christmas. But then, if you are lucky, it rains, and the weather cools, and you have some energy again. Add a finish to the working year on the 16th of December, some fabulous light displays around the neighbourhood, and you start to get in the mood. Then a huge box of cookies arrives from my best ever German Cartography trainee (1999! Matthais we are getting old!) and I am excited about Christmas at last!!

Today we rode (der) and had breakfast with dear friends who are off to the wilds of Medicine Hat, Alberta for Christmas with their Daughter. We are always excited when Aussie friends are off to discover Canada, even if it is a bit of Canada we haven't been to ourselves. Should be very exotic for a couple of Queenslanders. My advice: wear mittens, not gloves, go to Tim Horton's donuts as often as you can stomach, eat just one serve of poutine, and have fun. Oh, and snowboarding is for young people, skiing is hard enough for somebody over 50 who has never seen snow.

So now that I am feeling Christmassy, I have tidied, and decorated, and baked, made the first batch of rum balls (with raisins marinated a full week in rum!), organised the Christmas lights bike ride extravaganza for Wednesday, made shopping lists... I am ready, bring on the party and lets enjoy the holidays!

Here is how it is done in the old country, I don't expect to find anything quite so full on as we cycle the neighbourhood on Wednesday:

I am sorry you have to cut nd paste the link yourself, but "blogger says no" and there is no way to add a link this evening, *sigh*


Theresa said...

Oh you're on holidays! Good for you - even if it doesn't feel super christmassy. I feel the same about tropical christmas, though for some reason this year I'm feeling a teeny bit more festive than usual.

In case you don't check your work email when you're on holidays (which you shouldn't!), we've got a boatload of cooked green jackfruit waiting to be turned into curries and salads and whatnot. Want some? Let me know and we can bring it by!

Groover said...

Word had even arrived down here that some Lebkuchen got you into the Christmas mood. :-) Now, did your German friend also provide you with Stollen?

Dee said...

No Stollen this year, a few years ago I got two Stollen as well as the cookies! Lots of morning teas at work were catered for.

Yes Theresa, I have emailed you about the jackfruit, now to google some recipes...