Thursday, December 22, 2011

solstice Christmas ride

I didn't realise til today that the reason is got dark so late last night (like, after 7!) Is because the summer solstice was upon us! That means it was time for the annual Christmas bike ride and hot pot extravaganza!
A six o'clock start seemed like a good idea, but it was still very light and a bit too hot.
Champagne was required to keep the troops from over heating
I had cooked for a couple of days, so my favorite finger foods were all in evidence. Sadly my falafal were not up to scratch, but the pita bread, Nigella's delicious meat balls, my always excellent hummus and garlicy mint yogurt were excellent. There were also my special Indian"bits and bites", veggies, dip, cheese... as kids arrived chips appeared in bowls... party season food.
Mr and Mrs Clause were resplendent in Christmassy cycling kit. I was a bit aghast when Scott got me a fully red Nalini kit a few years back, but at Christmas I wear it with delight. The rest of the year it gets mixed up with other things. I retaliated with the elf jersey! Hopefully this won't make an appearance outside of Christmas, although the tactical advantage of showing up at a race in that jersey may be considerable.
Darkness finally fell and it was time to roll.
There were about 20 of us, a bit more with all the kids. We have to invite some young people and contemporaries with grandkids every year, since it seems that since this ride started all our own kids have grown up and moved on! As soon as they turn teen they are pretty much over riding with the folks, so we will have to cast further afield to get little ones soon.
We stopped to admire the displays along the way, making sure we were regrouped. There are not as many lights as years gone by, so it can be a bit of a noodle between stops.
There were people in cars doing the same thing, cruising to look at lights, and we kept meeting up, but everyone was really good about giving us room and not being in a hurry. The people who had light displays mostly came out to enjoy our appreciation of their work. We did a pretty good ride of almost 8kms around local streets
Then back home for a hot meal. Scott's justifiably famous red beans and rice, as well as other contributions of slow cooker butter chicken and a beef stew. Rum balls and rich cookies, then it was over for another year as people tricked out the door. A very nice Christmas tradition, and one which we will continue as long as we can. Merry tropical Christmas!!


Groover said...

There are great ride, those Christmas rides, aren't they?! Absolutely adore your outfits! ;) We wish you a peaceful and enjoyable tropical Christmas!

Jim said...

That looks like so much fun! (even for a christmas grinch like myself)

MapManOz said...

I was there and it was a hoot..famous red beans and rice were magnificent as usual

Dee said...

Thanks everybody, and have a very merry Christmas. We are in for a real steamer.