Monday, December 5, 2011

work and all that...

Having a blog sometimes makes you realise how very dull and ordinary life is. Ah well, here is an update of nothing much happening (which is a good thing, really).

Last week I attended a spatial data seminar which was really interesting and all that, but the venue gave me a dose of food poisoning. Now I'm not one to do things on the epic scale of Jill Homer - but I felt bad enough and it hurt my mileage. By mid-week I was sick enough to need a day off work but I had to fly to Brisbane for some meetings and another seminar, so I went and just got on with it.

The big noisy smoke. I thought it would be nice to be close to the train station. Trains are very noisy and keep you from sleeping, especially when you are getting up every few hours for other reasons.
The next day I had a couple of hours in the morning to do my thing, so I hired a city bike (I brought my own helmet) and had a fun noodle along the river. The bike was a roadies nightmare. It weighed about as much as I do, and had lots of clappy, slappy noises. However, it let my legs go round and filled my lungs with fresh air, and I felt better.
Big city coffee - OMG I wish I could get coffee this good in my little regional city. The bowl was a bit weird though.
And so to work. There are few photo ops like a 3D spatial seminar. We are deep geeks and we are proud of it. There were a number of really good presentations, but the last one of the day so dazzled me that I can hardly remember the rest. We are watching a real time exploration of raw Lidar data. Ant, you are the only one who has any idea what I am on about, hope you drop by.

The technology is developed by these guys:

Ever wondered what it was like to attend a seminar where Bill Gates announced that he had an idea for an operating system? Or Mercator released a mathematical concept for plotting straight lines to navigate to a point? Well, I figure this was as big a game changer. Hold on all you mappers, we are in for some game changing turbulence!! Gawd I love my work.

I got home and collapsed and slept for about 14 hours, and now I am all better and I had a fantastic ride today. The rain has come, but it is following a night pattern so far, allowing a good effort in the morning, a scalding run home ahead of the storms at the end of the day, and a blissful cool evening with the sound of the rain and the frogs to keep you company. Life is sweet.


Mae said...

I was in Brisbane last week Wednesday-Friday. I stayed at Sebel King George Square- sheesh, we could have been drinking coffee together! I could have shown you Gardam's Fabrics! I bought some TDF burnt orange linen. xxoo Mae

AMR said...

We could have had coffee together, too. Or a beer.
Perhaps not a beer.

Dee said...

Well AMR, it would have depended on the time of day! I will keep in mind next time that I should make some contacts before I come.

As for you Mae, well who knew. I'll be up soon, we'll talk!