Saturday, January 28, 2012

project bike II

UE-18 mixte (?)
suntour power shifters
suntour 7 GT group set
dia-compe brakes
sugino japan chain guard
vic seat made in taiwan
grips o.g.k. cm-75 made in japan
frame serial number 027205

Haven't figured out what year it is yet, as it has very different components from the bikes in the French, American, Canadian and Japanese catalogues online. I showed photos to a mate at coffee this morning, and he said his sister bought the same model in Townsville in 1979-1980, so that is something to look into. What fun! What a great bike!

Anybody with skillz in polishing up old bikes please feel free to chime in. I really seems to just need a good clean and oiling, but I would love to get it gleaming again, without damaging anything.


Tim Joe said...

Dee! I seem to have fallen behind in keeping up with your Blog.

As far as your new bike :
go browse around at

He has the answers. For inspiration, check out this bike:

As always, thanks for your support over at the Park!


Dee said...

Thanks for the links!