Monday, January 16, 2012

on cycling and mortality

A blogger I enjoy wrote about the dangers of cycling and it made me think. Actually there are stats to show that cycling isn't all that dangerous, but statistically it is pretty impossible that accidents will never happen.

Most days as I ride to the dam I pass this little sad spot where someone died. It doesn't matter how, that isn't the point. It is just very sad and poignant and reminds me to be as careful as I can for love of the people who love me.

Ride safe.


Lily on the Road said...

it is a real reminder that we must be prudent while cycling. Not afraid, but cautious.

A few years ago we had a really bad accident were a fellow literally ran over 5 cyclists. He was sentenced this past week to 2 year's less a day. The cyclists....a few have returned to cycling while one will be forever broken and damaged. Very, very sad.

Tim Joe said...

Thanks for the link-up, Dee. And thanks for commenting on my "Lance" Post. I was expecting a flood of response and got nothing. Weird.