Monday, January 2, 2012

project 365 etc

I have a friend who did project 365 last year, taking a photo every day. I thought that sounded cool, but I haven't found an app for my phone that makes this easy. I could join the project 365 org website, but I have a blog already. So I will try to post a photo every day. Tell me to stop when you are stultified by my boring life!

I really need an easy and small camera to make 'photography from a bike for the very clumsy' a possibility. In the mean time I guess I will have to actually stop and use my phone. Not the best but safer for me.

So to get started here are some images from the last week or so that probably made it to facebook but not the blog.
Top of the range Christmas gift from my sister, who knows how very much I loved Rusty. I just adore it.
My sister sews. Like, seriously sews, which is why I have a closet full of fantastic and stylish dresses and another on the way.
If you want to know how much wine you get through in a year, try this idea from a neighbour of my Sister. Great garden edging, big guilt trip!!
What is a trip to Cairns without a visit to DFO for some bargains. The guys were amazed how cheap these Crocs were... wonder why?
We came back to Townsville and I dug out all the leftovers I had tossed in the freezer before we went away and ta da! Turkey pie! The best part of Christmas dinner.Now with the new year upon us there must be goals and challenges, so I joined one on Endomondo, and I am in 16th place, and I didn't even ride today! OK, so now I feel guilty, but I did run... week 2, day 1, C25K.
Here is command central, where all this blogging happens, and my nutritional needs are attended to : ) Here's to a great year of riding a lot, running a bit, taking photos and having fun.


BoaB said...

I really like my new Crocs.... and that topping on the turkey pie was beyond compare..... =8^)

Mae said...

I love the photo of the crocs, with
Trixie's little nose! Your dress is finished and will go in the mail tomorrow. I hope you put a photo on your blog when you get it.

Theresa said...

Happy 2012! I hope you both had a good christmas and new year's eve! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your photos - I think that what most people think of as mundane about their own lives is terribly interesting to others (or, at least, to me!).