Sunday, February 26, 2012

letting go

Why do people accumulate too much stuff? Well part of it is buying stuff you really like, that was expensive, and that you thought would last forever. I have been cleaning and babying and decorating this furniture with attractive throws for too long! Today I didn't ride, and thunder storms are keeping me from running, so I have had a high energy cleaning day. It is over for this pair, they are getting freecycled. 
Sit down Mae, you are in for a shock. I nipped out and got proper dining room chairs after sitting on outdoor furniture for over 15 years. I told you it was only temporary!

Nurturing my inner retro grouch big time!

In an effort to "downsize" I have moved my other lounge set into the space vacated by the leather set, and kept the three seat sofa that matches this in the TV room, with the one surviving leather chair that is still in good nick.

Sorry to the many people who visit the blog but not the actual house, must be a bit boring for you. I have been thinking about change and a smaller house, but a fresh take on the lovely old girl and I am over it totally. Now to get stuck into making that really nice downstairs bedroom into a bike shed...


Lily on the Road said...

I thought I'd left a comment here? hmmmm,

Your place is lovely and if "letting go" does the trick, then by all means do it! Sometimes as change up is the best thing.

Dee said...

Well I left a reply, and it isn't here either. wouldn't it be funny if comments were popping up on random blogs, mystifying the authors.

I am adjusting to the change from orange and red to a brown existence.