Wednesday, February 15, 2012

market day again

I have been flat out, and the daily pic, while nice, went into the urgent but not important pile. You just have to do what you can.
I had one volunteer to help me with O-week marketing day. If I win a million dollars I am giving a bit chunk of it to him, I would have died today on my own

The smartest students were laying in wait to snag a bike before I even got set up. I was supposed to be in front of the shed but it was sunny and about a million degrees, so I moved to the shade. I sold a fair few helmets.

 People schmoozed through the shed and signed up for lockers and shed access. They couldn't believe this is free. I even gave away locks for the lockers. This was an early shot. It was pandemonium all day.

Happy, grateful overseas students who think that JCU absolutely rocks, which of course it does.

I gave away about 120 water bottles, which all needed a JCU BUG sticker put on first, and all the pens (??100s) and many many maps with suggested routes to the uni from your street etc.etc. I have about 30 students who want to join the shed, do up an old bike and ride it away on the promise they will return it to me. I trust they all will too, because they were all really sweet.

Now if I could just get about 15 experienced bike mechanics together by Saturday... hmmmm

Well I need some dinner (no lunch break for me today!) and a nice lie down.


Lily on the Road said...

Sounds so exciting! I'm not certain what this is must think I'm a total dud not knowing these things. If I lived there I'd volunteer to help out whatever the cause may be. Good Luck and remember to pace yourself!

Dee said...

the cause is just to repurpose old bikes for students to ride. Not very fancy but a ton of work so far. We'll get them all rolling eventually!

Dee said...

TJ over at trailer park cyclist has put up a bit of a guest blog from me that explains much. Thanks TJ

Groover said...

Have you done your "girl's wrenching class" yet?

Dee said...

Not yet, the students won't be back in force til Monday. We will do one during Bike Week for sure! That is middle of March.