Saturday, February 25, 2012


Thanks Sandra for the link to the recipe. We made a focaccia to go with. I expect it will be devine, just waiting for dinner to cool a bit.

*update* It was a fantastic meal, highly recommended. I think without the cheese as a vegan option it would be just as good, the flavour was in the sauce (which I simmered much longer because I love a rich tomato flavour) and the eggplant slices grilled on the BBQ. I really enjoyed this, I always thought anything "parmigiana" involved frying and fat, but this didn't.


Groover said...

Looks delicious. :-)

Cooking with fresh produce from your own harvest must be such a fulfilling feeling...

Dee said...

I knew it would be good, but it exceeded expectations. Fresh basil and oregano made it perfect. Sadly my little plants will be some time producing more fruit, I may have to hit up a neighbour who seems to have an abundance of the white variety, which I haven't tried yet.