Thursday, February 2, 2012

Persian carpet

I was too tired to take an interesting photo today. I rode in the rain and wind, I worked cartographic miracles all day (and wrote aggro BUG emails to my senior management, *sigh* I used to be such a nice person). I rode home, changed shoes and ran in my cycling kit (hey, it was already sweaty) and took a picture of my lovely Persian carpet plant when I came through the gate. Then my boring shot got interesting, because I started googling to find the botanic name, and I have failed. It is a herbaceous perennial, loves a hard prune once a year, goes leggy when it blooms ( so I cut it back then) but I haven't found it. So there you go, I just took this lovely for granted and now I have to do some homework.


Lily on the Road said...

nothing wrong with running in already sweaty cycling togs.

the plant looks a little like Coleous, here it is an annual.

Groover said...

Coleus was what I would have said, too.