Saturday, March 31, 2012


Doh, I got crowded onto the grass on this corner by the C-grade pack, and chickened out!
My first ever did not finish. *sigh*

the scene of the crime

Friday, March 30, 2012

Dress # 15

I am pretty sure this is the last dress! I do have some rather nifty nighties, but we won't go there.
Flirty Girty! Love that hem. I am also enjoying having softer colours available as I fade.

I can't name all the photographers to thank them, as I often had to grab a random undergrad and press them into service.  The dresses have been fun, I promise to put up any more that come my way. My sister has a few I covet in her closet, and we need to get together so I can buy her food and wine til they get snug.  : ) 

Thursday, March 29, 2012


A dress free day because I stayed home to try and knock this sore throat and fever on the head so I can race on Saturday. So I am thinking about needing a photo, and cooking.
My little pepper pot was empty, so I grabbed some pepper and my grinder and got stuck into it. Then it occurred to me that pepper is really interesting, and I probably don't source and use pepper like most people. The pepper I buy in 1 kilo bags for around $30.00 is a local product. It is fresh and pungent, I love grinding it and getting a tickly nose. This is the stuff that was once more valuable than gold, and sent Dutch (and other) traders to explore the world. 

Ready for cooking, with real bite.

And of course I pottered in the garden, and cut flowers. I think I was too stressed, and I do feel better for a day at home. Sometimes you need to drop back and punt.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dress # 14

I didn't even know I had this many dresses! We should finish this week though.
Cotton stripe dress.
This dress needs white shoes and a cute belt and all that, and I have really tried (really!) to buy stuff like that for this series, but white shoes are passe as are white belts. Who knew.

I have to confess this dress almost feels like I am in costume. That pale blue and white stripe screams Nurse to me, or put on an apron and some roller skates and get a job at a 50s style diner. It fairly makes me want to bustle about, which is a bonus for my employer on days I wear it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dress # 13

Rayon bold floral slip on dress. I confess I haven't worn this to work before, even though it is so well loved it is faded and has a small hole in it. 
It looks quite elegant belted and with shoes. Usually this is a weekend wonder and sees duty cleaning and swanning around the grocery store.  I really love big prints, even though "they" say that small people shouldn't wear big prints. "They" also say that older ladies shouldn't wear long hair. La La La - I'm not listening!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Dress # 12

Memories of Bali sleeveless cotton batik dress
I love purple! Another cheery dress for a gloomy day.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

luck of the draw

Don't know if a small tornado in Townsville made the international news much (although a few of my German friends checked up on me). We had a big wind and a lot of rain, and there were trees down between me and the Uni, so I certainly knew it was bad. There is no damage at all on my street, about 4 streets to the west the trees start to show damage and roads were blocked with a few trees that were ripped right out. Today though was the first time we had a chance to drive up a suburb or two and see ground zero. We wanted to check on a friends place. I saw the news, but the reality was surreal.

I was glad to be in the van, because everyone is rattled and rubber necking and this is no place to be on your bike. My friends street:
The house next door. Holes punched through windows and walls. What sort of force punches a round hole in glass without shattering the whole window? I shudder to think.

 This was a leafy suburb, and even in today's overcast it was so stark and empty

 Many roofs torn off, but a few houses lost it all but a few internal walls. How nobody was killed, it is a miracle
So there is random fate. I live so close, and all that happened was a loss of power for a day. The wet season is nearly over for another year, and I think we are all glad to see it go. I am optimistically scrubbing off mold like it is over for another year. Some people have a whole lot more to do to put this wet season behind them.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

crit series

No dress today, It is a race day and a shorts and t-shirt day after looking a bit un-naturally good all week. I don't feel great, I think I have a bit of wet season lurgy combined with high stress-itus. So Scott rolled to the races without me, and I arrived in time for coffee, but missed his race : (    That will not happen again, I was mortified. 066 finished 3rd in D grade, well done and can I borrow $30.00  (the takings)
What a fine day for a race on a 600m + or - loop of the V8 track, which gets little use outside of the big, expensive car race.
This is what real speedsters look like, and they are not just pressing a toe on a pedal either. I think I am in next week, I have nothing but regret for not starting today. You never have a bad race, even if you come dead last. Pretty morning, I must say. That is Mt. Stuart in the background. I have never tried to climb it, but it is on the bucket list.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dress # 11

Elegant navy linen dress, usually reserved for dinner parties. Since I really am giving a lecture shortly I decided to look good while doing it.
We decided to step into the bright light for the detail of the construction of the dress, which was impossible to see with a full body shot anywhere we tried. It really is a lovely dress and the Fashionistas are work have declared this the best of the collection.
It is really lovely to wear, very cool and a flattering cut. I think I agree with the Fashionistas!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dress # 10

Simple linen shift, goes perfect under a jacket. My office is very cool and I often layer up.
 photograph by a random student who took me outside, found a lovely setting and did a great job!
Got to love crotons, they are so common that people just take them for granted. Always a riot of colour.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dress # 9

I haven't dressed up at work like this ever. They all think I am interviewing for another job or something. 
I got dressed up to do a lecture, and it is on Friday. Doh I am always the last to know. This is a lovely linen dress that makes you look line the smoothest shirt and skirt wearer on earth. It makes me feel very PRO.
Apologies for the state of my office, I have really lost the plot at work and am in "holding fast" mode. Once I get a few major projects off my desk I can move on to some different major projects. Yay!

I am also a bit grumpy about having my normal, perfect existence interrupted by a spell of weather. My normal running circuit is closed.
 You know it is bad on the other side when 14-16 year old boys won't breach the barriers and go an extra 6kms to school via the other bridge.
 That's my bikeway and I want it back *sniff*
Ah well, the dirt should be rinsed off the pavement now!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dress # 8

Gee that is a lousy photo of a very nice denim shift, one of my favs. But it is dark, and nobody was around so I had to leap up and get a shot when a person became available. I'll try to get more fancy next time.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dress # 7

Love this buttery yellow, buttery soft draping dress. I am not putting up a front shot though because I belted it, then we decided it was too well cut to belt, but then it was all crushed. : (
Love the way it fits at the back though, very clever and flattering.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

dark days

Well the weather today was DARK, with occasional rain of the sort that halts conversation if you have an iron roof, which we do. I know I will get desperate for a ride before this clears, there is a cyclone bingling around in the Gulf of Carpentaria that could keep us under this thick cloud all week. With that in mind, I have pimped my knapsack:
(Fibre Flare Shorty Cycle Light Stick)
 This may induce seizures when in flashing mode, and combined with my dazzling normal rear flasher, but I am using it anyway. Ride safe everybody!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

just Saturday

No dress today! I am really a  shorts and polo shirt kind of girl most days. I did go on an expedition for belts today, but I failed in the attempt. We managed to get in a ride for coffee in between storms, and then Scott ran, and I walked out to meet him on the weir. When we got home there was a Ulysses butterfly in the feral bougainvillea in front of the house. He is bright blue and on the left...
 Before the rain set in I did a quick lime and eggplant harvest and cut some fresh flowers
 I also cut a Heliconia that is a bit special and not often harvested, but it is loving all this rain. 
 Then I made mint sauce to go with a lamb roast, and baked a lemon drizzle cake, and then it was wine o'clock. Apron by Singapore airlines, a gift from Scott years ago.
A perfect, relaxing Saturday.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dress # 6

If it's raining, take the bus. *sigh*.
 I am running home, and I don't care how crappy it is out there.
Glah... bus drivers! 
 Couldn't resist taking this picture of the kookaburras assembled obediently.
 Why look! A dress with white spots! Much mirth around the office, but I love them all!

Turquoise just screams summer to me, and Mom always said it was my best colour.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dress # 5

I've got sunshiiineee on a cloudy day...
Same dotty fabric as yesterday, more constructed dress. Can you tell is absolutely bucketing rain?

This dress also goes fabulously with my floral shoes...  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dress # 4

Much hilarity in the hallway, but I think I found a better photographer because she is a sewer. Accompanied by a poser. Another basic pull on shift in cotton, but deadly with royal blue floral shoes! Students stopped me more than once today to compliment the combination.

And it was my Bike Week Ride to Uni Day. The Uni is very peaceful when you arrive to set up at 6:30am. But soon after 7 they started to arrive 
 60 people turned out on a drizzly morning
 Food, prizes, conversation, great coffee thanks to the Espresso Coffee van
all types of bikes!

This is why I am a giant amongst cyclists I guess... har.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dress #3

Doh, forgot the red shoes. I did toss an ink jacket (which I thought was black, but now realise is not) over this earlier, and it look fabby with a jacket. What do we call this style Mae? Lucille Ball dress? Made in fine cotton voile, it is like wearing a cloud.

Monday, March 12, 2012

dress #2

Linen working girl dress. Photo supplied by the first Phd student to come and ask for something today. I actually carried matching glasses to work, but these are the ones I wear at my computer, they are not as strong. I also had a black short sleeve jacket over the dress, but it was too hot.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

bike week

I have a longstanding love/hate relationship with Bicycle Queensland. I love that they exist, but I hate that they are not the faeries at the bottom of the garden that make magic in my city for me. Doh. Guess we will have to roll up our sleeves and sprinkle fairy dust for ourselves.

No dress today, I was at the park setting up before 6:30 am, and I got home at nearly noon, had a shower and put on yesterdays dress, because it is cool and comfortable and just soiled enough that you don't have to feel guilty about scrubbing floors in it.

So how did we bring Bike week to Townsville? Well we had a fantastic team in the newly reconstituted Townsville BUG. We decided to hold a low key, family focused event in a local park that borders the riverside bikeway in Townsville, to remind people it exists, is really fun and safe to ride, and can form a safe link between many suburbs and workplaces and schools. Most people who don't ride are afraid to, and if they can use this corridor, they should. It changed my life 15 years ago, and I am evangelical about changing other lives as well.
here is a map from my city council so you can have a look:

Here are some pics of the day. I had my own JCU BUG flogging a fundraiser and giving away maps and pamphlets to promote cycling to work, shopping, riding for recreation, the usual drill...

 We had a new business, an electric bike company, flogging their wares. The looks on peoples faces when they went for a test spin, priceless. Sure it isn't "cycling" but is it way better than driving a friggin' 4WD!!
 All set up and awaiting the public. What a pretty and shady park, we are so lucky. This is about 500m from my house. Yes I am very grateful.
 The police came and engraved bikes and entered them into their database so if they show up stolen you can get them back. They were very busy. Great idea!
 Espresso Coffee came and set up to help all us cyclists keep the caffeine levels up, and I have to say BEST MOBILE COFFEE EVER. He is coming to my RTW Day Wednesday, and I am looking forward to another brew or two.
 Lots of cyclists of all types joined the Townsville BUG. Thank you and looking forward to working for you.
 Got really busy, and there was every sort of cyclist, families, commuters, greenies, racers, mountain bikers, what fun!!
 We had swag to give away, thanks to funding and support from the Queensland Government, Bicycle Queensland, transport and Main Roads, and the Townsville City Council. I love it when taxes benefit my passion!! Happy socialist me !!

 I met up with an old friend (literally!) Arnold Forrester (who is 92 and rides my training route 3 times a week) and some mates who have formed a Sunday ride for old guys and came to visit us. These guys are just gorgeous, have some steel bikes to die for, and give me hop that I can keep doing it almost forever. And they are really cute.
 by 11 am, I was a bit hot and tired, but very happy with the success of the day. Love my city, love cycling.