Sunday, March 11, 2012

bike week

I have a longstanding love/hate relationship with Bicycle Queensland. I love that they exist, but I hate that they are not the faeries at the bottom of the garden that make magic in my city for me. Doh. Guess we will have to roll up our sleeves and sprinkle fairy dust for ourselves.

No dress today, I was at the park setting up before 6:30 am, and I got home at nearly noon, had a shower and put on yesterdays dress, because it is cool and comfortable and just soiled enough that you don't have to feel guilty about scrubbing floors in it.

So how did we bring Bike week to Townsville? Well we had a fantastic team in the newly reconstituted Townsville BUG. We decided to hold a low key, family focused event in a local park that borders the riverside bikeway in Townsville, to remind people it exists, is really fun and safe to ride, and can form a safe link between many suburbs and workplaces and schools. Most people who don't ride are afraid to, and if they can use this corridor, they should. It changed my life 15 years ago, and I am evangelical about changing other lives as well.
here is a map from my city council so you can have a look:

Here are some pics of the day. I had my own JCU BUG flogging a fundraiser and giving away maps and pamphlets to promote cycling to work, shopping, riding for recreation, the usual drill...

 We had a new business, an electric bike company, flogging their wares. The looks on peoples faces when they went for a test spin, priceless. Sure it isn't "cycling" but is it way better than driving a friggin' 4WD!!
 All set up and awaiting the public. What a pretty and shady park, we are so lucky. This is about 500m from my house. Yes I am very grateful.
 The police came and engraved bikes and entered them into their database so if they show up stolen you can get them back. They were very busy. Great idea!
 Espresso Coffee came and set up to help all us cyclists keep the caffeine levels up, and I have to say BEST MOBILE COFFEE EVER. He is coming to my RTW Day Wednesday, and I am looking forward to another brew or two.
 Lots of cyclists of all types joined the Townsville BUG. Thank you and looking forward to working for you.
 Got really busy, and there was every sort of cyclist, families, commuters, greenies, racers, mountain bikers, what fun!!
 We had swag to give away, thanks to funding and support from the Queensland Government, Bicycle Queensland, transport and Main Roads, and the Townsville City Council. I love it when taxes benefit my passion!! Happy socialist me !!

 I met up with an old friend (literally!) Arnold Forrester (who is 92 and rides my training route 3 times a week) and some mates who have formed a Sunday ride for old guys and came to visit us. These guys are just gorgeous, have some steel bikes to die for, and give me hop that I can keep doing it almost forever. And they are really cute.
 by 11 am, I was a bit hot and tired, but very happy with the success of the day. Love my city, love cycling.


Mae said...

Looks like a successful bike day. I was a bit confused about RTW day, I thought you meant "ready to wear". Sewists call "store bought" clothes RTW LOL xxxooo

Dee said...

All my RTW outfits are RTW!! How perfect!

The Old Bag said...

Looks like a great day!