Saturday, March 24, 2012

crit series

No dress today, It is a race day and a shorts and t-shirt day after looking a bit un-naturally good all week. I don't feel great, I think I have a bit of wet season lurgy combined with high stress-itus. So Scott rolled to the races without me, and I arrived in time for coffee, but missed his race : (    That will not happen again, I was mortified. 066 finished 3rd in D grade, well done and can I borrow $30.00  (the takings)
What a fine day for a race on a 600m + or - loop of the V8 track, which gets little use outside of the big, expensive car race.
This is what real speedsters look like, and they are not just pressing a toe on a pedal either. I think I am in next week, I have nothing but regret for not starting today. You never have a bad race, even if you come dead last. Pretty morning, I must say. That is Mt. Stuart in the background. I have never tried to climb it, but it is on the bucket list.

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