Friday, March 23, 2012

Dress # 11

Elegant navy linen dress, usually reserved for dinner parties. Since I really am giving a lecture shortly I decided to look good while doing it.
We decided to step into the bright light for the detail of the construction of the dress, which was impossible to see with a full body shot anywhere we tried. It really is a lovely dress and the Fashionistas are work have declared this the best of the collection.
It is really lovely to wear, very cool and a flattering cut. I think I agree with the Fashionistas!


Mae said...

That dress really does look fabulous on you.

Lily on the Road said...


I am laughing at the cycling jersey tan though! A lot of the female cyclists up here are doffing the jersey for more of a tank / camisol tops look. I'd want a ton of sunscreen on my back if I ever decide to try that look.

Dee said...

My cycling tan has been a lot more pronounced, that is actually very mild. I have made a big effort to wear long sleeves and sun sleeves this year, so what you see is actually from very little exposure. Last year I had a doozy of a tan line, and it was a bit much really.