Monday, March 26, 2012

Dress # 12

Memories of Bali sleeveless cotton batik dress
I love purple! Another cheery dress for a gloomy day.


Mae said...

That's one of my favorite dresses. The fabric is so special, I can't believe I got it at Spotlight. I finished your Winter Dress today, but It needs to stay here until I've made the big sister version so I know just how much bigger it needs to be.

Tim Joe said...

I like that dress the best. I like that dress and I am glad the recent meteorological upheaval spared my Aussie friends. Around here, having your house destroyed by God is a profitable enterprise. You are coddled and insuranced and as long as the family pictures survived you will afterwards have a new more better home . As aggravating as the US is, there are certainly some benefits to living here. I hope the same holds true for your neighbors.

Meanwhile, please forgive me if my comments are inappropriate...they are not meant to be. It cannot be helped; I hail from the Country that gave us both Thomas Jefferson and Axl Rose.

yr pal, tj

Dee said...

Hey TJ, I wondered if the blokes would hang around while the dress thing went on. Thanks for sticking it out, we are nearly there.

Yes folks should be OK after the tornado. Much of that housing is "Government housing, so I guess you could say that that pretty, leafy suburb is what passes for a slum around here. It was very pretty, never looked like welfare housing at all. So the good news there is that the people in assisted housing have been very quickly moved into alternate digs. The individual homeowners will be accommodated as their insurance dictates, hopefully that means a rental for the duration of the repairs. There has also been a lot of kindness shown by charity and government to all, so I hope it will be OK for everyone regardless.

Will be quite a building boom over the winter too, should be good for the local contractors.