Friday, March 30, 2012

Dress # 15

I am pretty sure this is the last dress! I do have some rather nifty nighties, but we won't go there.
Flirty Girty! Love that hem. I am also enjoying having softer colours available as I fade.

I can't name all the photographers to thank them, as I often had to grab a random undergrad and press them into service.  The dresses have been fun, I promise to put up any more that come my way. My sister has a few I covet in her closet, and we need to get together so I can buy her food and wine til they get snug.  : ) 


Mae said...

15 dresses! I had no idea. Plenty more where they came from :-)

Dee said...

They are all so lovely, and you are so great to make them for me. Love you!