Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dress #3

Doh, forgot the red shoes. I did toss an ink jacket (which I thought was black, but now realise is not) over this earlier, and it look fabby with a jacket. What do we call this style Mae? Lucille Ball dress? Made in fine cotton voile, it is like wearing a cloud.


Mae said...

It's an Ethel Mertz dress, she's Lucy's less glamorous neighbour :-)

Lily on the Road said...

Oh Dear, Mae, I was thinking it was rather cute.

You could add a belt if you'd like, (belts are all the rage here) and some coloured bangles (I see you're a bangles sort of girl). I think you look smashing!

Dee said...

I totally agree on needing belts, I own very few from years of being a bit thick waited, and now that I am slim I would like some, but am hampered by not being a 'shopper'. I am keeping an eye out though!