Friday, March 16, 2012

Dress # 6

If it's raining, take the bus. *sigh*.
 I am running home, and I don't care how crappy it is out there.
Glah... bus drivers! 
 Couldn't resist taking this picture of the kookaburras assembled obediently.
 Why look! A dress with white spots! Much mirth around the office, but I love them all!

Turquoise just screams summer to me, and Mom always said it was my best colour.


Mae said...

I don't even remember making that dress! I am very fond of white spots.

Jim said...

Great dress. Sorry about the incessant rain!

Dee said...

It is the wet season after all, and I really enjoy it. Rain at commuting time is rare, so I can't complain. I did run home from work, getting in a full 5km with a walking warm up and cool down. It was wonderful, bucketing rain, many detours around fast flowing streams, people looking at you like you are nuts. Who knew you could enjoy a 5km run? I am learning new things.