Saturday, March 17, 2012

just Saturday

No dress today! I am really a  shorts and polo shirt kind of girl most days. I did go on an expedition for belts today, but I failed in the attempt. We managed to get in a ride for coffee in between storms, and then Scott ran, and I walked out to meet him on the weir. When we got home there was a Ulysses butterfly in the feral bougainvillea in front of the house. He is bright blue and on the left...
 Before the rain set in I did a quick lime and eggplant harvest and cut some fresh flowers
 I also cut a Heliconia that is a bit special and not often harvested, but it is loving all this rain. 
 Then I made mint sauce to go with a lamb roast, and baked a lemon drizzle cake, and then it was wine o'clock. Apron by Singapore airlines, a gift from Scott years ago.
A perfect, relaxing Saturday.

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