Sunday, March 25, 2012

luck of the draw

Don't know if a small tornado in Townsville made the international news much (although a few of my German friends checked up on me). We had a big wind and a lot of rain, and there were trees down between me and the Uni, so I certainly knew it was bad. There is no damage at all on my street, about 4 streets to the west the trees start to show damage and roads were blocked with a few trees that were ripped right out. Today though was the first time we had a chance to drive up a suburb or two and see ground zero. We wanted to check on a friends place. I saw the news, but the reality was surreal.

I was glad to be in the van, because everyone is rattled and rubber necking and this is no place to be on your bike. My friends street:
The house next door. Holes punched through windows and walls. What sort of force punches a round hole in glass without shattering the whole window? I shudder to think.

 This was a leafy suburb, and even in today's overcast it was so stark and empty

 Many roofs torn off, but a few houses lost it all but a few internal walls. How nobody was killed, it is a miracle
So there is random fate. I live so close, and all that happened was a loss of power for a day. The wet season is nearly over for another year, and I think we are all glad to see it go. I am optimistically scrubbing off mold like it is over for another year. Some people have a whole lot more to do to put this wet season behind them.


Mae said...

Thanks for those photos. Of course, that storm was news in Cairns and I'd seen photos but yours seem somehow more real. Things can change in a minute. Yes, very very lucky nobody died.

Theresa said...

We didn't even lose power! I didn't know there was anything other than a windy night until we were driving in to uni that morning. We went through Aitkenvale, because Andy thought the back way might be flooded, and all of a sudden it looked like a tornado went through. Then we heard about it on the news. So scary!