Saturday, March 10, 2012

my sister's closet

My sister is a talented sewer, and she loves to read other sewers blogs as much as I love the blogs of other cyclists. She doesn't keep a blog of her own though, so I have decided to showcase the many fine dresses that have come out of her closet and into mine. Like all good hobbyists, having enough dresses is no reason to stop sewing more, especially if you are perfecting a favorite style. Lucky for me we are close enough to the same size that excess items come my way. She has also (of course) sewn dresses just for me as well, but I love all my dresses equally.
I was thinking of starting this series on Monday, but since I live in this type of basic pull on, cotton sheath dress (is this the right term?) every weekend, I figured I may as well get going. This dress is a favorite because I love navy and white in summer, and it hasn't been available in the shops for years. A cute hibiscus print is fresh and tropical. I have been doing the shopping, so I am tricked out with pink shoes, and matching glasses and lippy. For me, this passes as "fully accessorized".

A dress a day could take some time, I honestly have lost count of how many there are. I am about to clear all my cycling gear out of my closet, which will allow me to fluff and re-consolidate my 'real clothes', which I keep stashing away to make room for more cycling stuff. At least I won't have to wonder what to photograph for a week or two! I'll be training up a fashion photographer or two along the way I suspect. Should be interesting.


Mae said...

That dress is so cute on you! It's already fun to give you dresses, and seeing them on your blog will definitely motivate me to give you more.

Dee said...

Good thing my closet is under control! Love your work baby, can't wait to get it all up there.