Thursday, March 29, 2012


A dress free day because I stayed home to try and knock this sore throat and fever on the head so I can race on Saturday. So I am thinking about needing a photo, and cooking.
My little pepper pot was empty, so I grabbed some pepper and my grinder and got stuck into it. Then it occurred to me that pepper is really interesting, and I probably don't source and use pepper like most people. The pepper I buy in 1 kilo bags for around $30.00 is a local product. It is fresh and pungent, I love grinding it and getting a tickly nose. This is the stuff that was once more valuable than gold, and sent Dutch (and other) traders to explore the world. 

Ready for cooking, with real bite.

And of course I pottered in the garden, and cut flowers. I think I was too stressed, and I do feel better for a day at home. Sometimes you need to drop back and punt.

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