Friday, March 9, 2012

racing the rain

Strange clouds, like close encounters of the 3rd kind. No rain, but a deep rich and dusty exhalation from the inland flavors the air. I got a warning of severe weather, but it came to nothing, boiling off as it reached the coastal plains. The weather here is so interesting; sea, tropical monsoon, desert winds. Riding in it is so rich, you are so alive in the shimmering air.


Mae said...

Beautiful photo! Lovely clouds and I love the way it scrolls. Can
you tell us about your

Mae said...

Hooray for no word verification! I'm so tired of trying to guess their obscure fonts I was ready to just quit trying to comment.

Dee said...

I just use mt phone, since I always have it on hand. The panorama software gives a very quirky result, which I like more than the perfect professional ones I have a work.