Thursday, April 5, 2012


We have house guests this weekend, caring for friends dogs.

This is Pearl, a Whippet. She is a calm and mature dog.
 This is Mitzi. I am not a small breed fancier so identification is difficult, I think he is a Shitzu. He has a schnauzer disguise on though with a convincing haircut. Mitzi is neither calm or mature, but he is settling in nicely.
Easter is traditionally a big gardening weekend, and it will be a pleasure to have dogs under foot. I really miss my two dogs, and there will be others someday. I did look at a few sites today (including YAPS in Cairns, the greyhound rescue folk and my own RSPCA), but I am just looking at this stage.


Mae said...

They are very sweet. We've had solar power installers here for 2 days and the dogs are so happy. Workers are so interesting, and they leave lunch scraps lying around in their vans yum yum.

Theresa said...

As cute. We're looking at greyhound rescue, too. We can have play dates!