Tuesday, April 3, 2012

eagles nest

Ok, I am not getting a job as a nature photographer any time soon. The eagles are back and noisily getting some eggs ready for the nest. They are about the same size as a mans torso. I know this because a man was up that tree in a bucket last year removing deadwood, and I couldn't believe my eyes when the eagles landed above him.
They do have heads, really.

I am babysitting a small dog this weekend, I will have to make sure he doesn't turn into snack food!


Mae said...

I hope we get a photo of your canine guest.

Tim Joe said...

I was pedaling on a back country road last year when I saw this mailbox with a eagle figurine on it. I was impressed by the realism of the thing until I rode by and it turned its head to watch. An eagle, less than a meter away. Not as big as yours, but big enough.

I remember twenty years ago eagles were fairly common around here. Not any more.

Thanks, Dee! tj

Dee said...

I am pleased to tell you TJ that we are taking really good care of the bald eagle population in Canada, and I hope they will make their way back to your nicer climate and thrive. Sheffield Mills farmers have taken to winter feeding of the eagles with chicken carcasses, and the boom in numbers of the birds has created a real tourist attraction. There is some real good in this world.