Monday, April 9, 2012

how to unwind

I love being home, so a 4 day weekend makes me want to chill out in my lovely house. There is so much to catch up on here, I have been way to busy with work. So time for some gourmet cooking...
 A fabulous stirfry of prawns and green beans that was almost perfect. Based on this favorite recipe, which I always do with less sugar and the juice of one lime, because my limes are huge. It will be perfect next time because I will use a lighter Japanese soy sauce. The dark sauce I usually favour is great for beef, but not seafood. 

Time for some extreme gardening. Tropical gardens need an annual reboot. Ours got the full defrag. My shoulder and upper arm muscles are killing me. Who needs gym when you are wielding big loppers and garden shears all day. Ratchet garden tools, the true emancipation of women, well gardening women anyway. Took us 3 days to fill this huge skip, but full it is. We can see a big difference in the garden, but most probably wouldn't!!

Quality couch time with the loaner dogs and Paris-Roubais. Fabby. And the previous night we actually celebrated the season with oven frites and home made garlic mayonnaise (as we watched the track cycling worlds). OMG what a culinary revelation that was!

And then there was flower cutting, and salvage of prunings that were too good for the skip. Now the dogs have gone home : (   but I booked an extra day of leave so I get another day of riding, pottering around and cooking, and I may finally get a run in as well.

I am nearly unwound.

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