Thursday, April 19, 2012

the good stuff

I am home, phew. Silence, except for the screech of the lorikeets and the occasional car going by. Open up the house and the wind blows through with instant cooling. The sea breeze is always fresh from 4-6 pm.

But I do like the big city (Brisbane this time) as an art installation. Hold still and the people swarm past you in an endless stream. The sun glints off tall buildings. Buses move in pods of 4, 6, more! There are weird foods, the coffee is excellent, wine is for poseurs (apparently, if the price and size of a glass is anything to go by). Traffic is insane but it moves along stop and go, hundreds of cars giving way to thousands of pedestrians.

I like high speed sushi trains 

 I like looking above the modern shop fronts to the beauty of architectural heritage. I see the rough hands of the men who carved these stones and made this great city what it is.
 I am delighted by pockets of horticultural delights
 I turn a corner and a busker is singing opera with such perfection that I actually weep. Rich contralto, I wanted so much to grab my phone and record her, but I couldn't do it. My favorite movie is Diva (1982?). I was thrilled to put some dollars in her hat after drinking in her performance.
This morning I chatted up the city bike maintenance dude, who rides around to all the stations cleaning and tinkering. He has an electric assist bike to help him haul the wagon. I was charmed, he was a really nice young man. There is lots of good stuff in the big city.

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Theresa said...

I do like Brisbane. It has a big city feel in the city centre, but it is so, so easy to get away from it, just a suburb or two away.