Monday, April 30, 2012

life eternal

I guess if I wanted immortality coming back as a bougainvillea could be an option. A dull existence,  but the possibility of a few laughs as you send out big thorny water shoots. I haven't the heart to kill this plant now, it looks so hopeful. The other one is doing the same thing. *sigh*

Had a fabulous Cat 6 race on the way home. It is windy and I was just soldiering on when a kid on an old 10 speed caught me, yelled "Whoo Hoo! Victory!" and threw his arms in the air. Then we both laughed our guts out. I need a mirror so I can see the enemy sneaking up on me, then we'll see who gets to yell Whoo Hoo!


Lily on the Road said...

you can't kill it off, aren't bougainvillea's nice plants???

BTW, are you "friends" with Thomas Adams?

Dee said...

Bougainvillea are thugs, but I think this one will be meek for a while.

Yes I know Thom, see: