Saturday, April 7, 2012

Scottie's bane

Before we get to the bane, Saturday races.
 Full moon setting over the track at registration.
 D grade at first light. No I am not racing with them, I wimped out and rode with the new recreationals, which was way more fun. I lapped little kids and everything.

 Home to Mitzi lying with his nose sticking out under the gate, and Pearl right behind him. Awww. If you don't love dogs you are just not my sort of people. Sorry. And now to Scottie's bane.
 When we bought this house in 1999 it had large, well pruned bougainvillea shrubs flanking the driveway. We felt sort of obliged to keep these bright landmarks going as a duty to the neighbourhood. I always called them Scottie's bane because he is the one who gets up on a step ladder and keeps them tidy, month after month, year after long year. Well enough is enough. 

We are muscle sore, and poked full of holes from the thorns, but never again, AMEN, it was indeed a religious experience suitable for the Easter weekend. 


Mae said...

At last! Those Bougainvillea were too demanding. Dog noses at the gate- awwww! I've made enough progress on Winter Dress One to send the prototype to you as soon as the mail resumes. Slow going- not a simple shift dress for a change! Mine is identical to yours, just longer and wider.

Dee said...

Can't wait to see it, too bad we didn't come up this long weekend, hopefully we'll get a chance to come north soon.