Sunday, April 29, 2012

things change

I woke up thinking about the garden instead of cycling.
two years ago we had serious jungle. Cyclone Yasi took out some of it. 
today we took out much more. I have gardeners elbow competing with my cyclists quads for attention, and as usual it was Scott who did the heavy lifting. More room for food now, can't wait to get papaya and more pineapples in the ground.


Theresa said...

Ah how exciting. We've put in pineapples and papaya so far, and waiting to get the tree lopped before we plant your bananas. I love gardening in the tropics!

Dee said...

I didn't know we have yet another long weekend this week, so I am really happy this is done and we can get everything planted and the veggies all sorted as well. Tomatoes! greens! more egg plant!