Saturday, May 19, 2012

catch up

While I have been busy misbehaving I have been too slack to post. With no boon companion waiting at home, I was inclined to cycle after work. It is interested to observe the mania of the homeward journey from the relative safety of the cycle path. No wonder so many accidents happen this time of day, people are tired and dehydrated and addled and hungry. Me too, but at least I am not flanging along in a 4WD.

 One photo I regret not taking was our van haphazardly parked while I picked up some lunch the other day (I drove because I had a dentists appointment and a late meeting). It made me smile that I have become such a menace on the roads when I drive. I am getting quite bad at it really, from a motorists point of view. I drive like I cycle, over cautious, slowing to avoid stopping at lights... it drives them nuts!  

Now my best mate is back, and I have cleaned up the evidence of my teenagerish existence (why I had no time to post yesterday!) and life has returned to a smooth groove. I am sharing this shot of citrus, because this is my second picking of my very own mandarins, and I am busting with delight. I cannot believe we waited so long to grow such a delicious fruit. I think it is amazing to just be able to pick a bowl of goodness in my own yard. Missing from photo, many more bananas! We are rich indeed!


Theresa said...

Your mandarins look great! We have a little tree, not yet a metre high, but hopefully it won't take too long to fruit!

PS - ain't nothin wrong with Brussels sprouts for dinner.

Dee said...

I think we planted the tree 4 years ago, so you really don't have long to wait. You may even get one or two fruits next year.

I got the idea of sprouts for dinner from you ; )