Saturday, May 26, 2012

rides interrupted

Yesterday I rode. I have been sick with a cold, and my balance is compromised, so I am nervous. Wednesday I was home sick, lethargic and feverish, dizzy and sweaty. At about 11 a.m. I bit into a firm bit of food and a back tooth broke away in a huge hunk. OMG. I called my dentist and scored an appointment because of a cancellation that very day. I had to ride my bike to the dentist, not far maybe 5kms? and I made it OK, but then there was pain, and my face got frozen, and I had to ride home sick and in shock (and drooling!) but I made it. Superwoman on a bike.

Yesterday I was in that altered state of having no sleep from coughing all night, and waking to a huge wind after midnight. BoaB asked me if I wanted the car, and I snorted a quick no. Me? Need the car! I left for work after priming my dual suspension mountain bike for a ride. pumped up the tires, oiled the chain - as the wind lashed and branches crashed in the street. My dual suspension bike is a tractor. The whole point of a bike like that is the belief that you can ride through anything.

So I rode. The wind made you forget about the rain. I struggled, I was blown right across the bikeway twice, and I had to fight my way forward. I chickened out three times and walked into the wind. In hindsight, the gusts were over 70kms an hour, but at the time I blamed myself and my cold for my weakness. I was so afraid. I couldn't roll forward from a stop, the bike is so heavy and slow, and the wind was a wall of jello. At one point my legs shook so badly that I had to walk, I just couldn't make progress on my bike. I nearly wept with frustration, but I did make it eventually (36 minutes, top speed 20km/hr)

This morning was less windy, but cold, and I wimped out of the usual coffee ride. You always regret not riding - always. Then we had to outlay a lot of cash for a new dishwasher, as even I am tired of trying to clean up after the old one.
 It looks fine, but I will miss the fancy fully integrated one. At least this one will clean the dishes! (I hope) 
And yes, winter has arrived and the heat is on. Thank goodness for reverse cycle air conditioning.


Theresa said...

Woah, I can't believe you rode on Friday! It was seriously windy, so I'm impressed that you made it at all!

Dee said...

If I hadn't been so sick I would have recognised it was a stupid idea to ride. Hilarious in hindsight though.